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August 2009
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meldod_o [userpic]
Life Update

So, many things are to happen in this post.

There is a potential job on the horizon. Doing design. Shocking, I know. I've been praying for months to find a good, in-house job and here we are, an in-house job looking for someone just like me. And it's not up here! It's in Fullerton. :) Pray, that for once, things go my way and I luck into this job.

I'm seriously considering closing this and my Myspace account. I hardly ever log into my Myspace account. I've had it since high school, and well, most everyone is on Facebook anyways. As for this account, well, I honestly don't think anyone reads it. I think I'm going to start a real blog, one linked to my website, which, if I get this new job, I can actually afford to host, finally.

I'm totally crushing on this guy. But, I'm not sure how he feels about me. All the while, I'm reluctant to do anything because, one, I don't want to loose his friendship, two, I tend to get bored with boys rather quickly, and at this moment that would suck a lot to think that I wouldn't feel this way in a few months. I seriously need to talk to a girl friend about this, but, well, there's no one really around.

So yeah, those are the many happenings of this post.

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Current Music: "Steady as a beating drum" Pocahontas